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We're sure you'll agree that this is much easier to remember and read. Modernizr also adds
a host of CSS classes to the <html> element of your document to indicate if a particular
feature is available in the visitor's browser. This allows you to serve up different styles to
users based on whether their browser supports a given feature. For further information on
the Modernizr library, visit the project's website at .
G.2.5. HTML5 Boilerplate
If you're building an HTML5 application from scratch, there's quite a lot to watch out for.
Ensuring your app is cross-browser compatible, supporting caching in an efficient man-
ner, optimizing for mobile browsers, performance profiling, unit testing, writing printer-
friendly styles—these are just a sample of the various complexities that come with the ter-
ritory when building modern web applications.
Rather than learning about and catering to all of these issues individually, wouldn't it be
nice if you could get up and running quickly using a template that takes care of all of this
for you? This is exactly what the HTML5 Boilerplate does. The following is just a snippet
of the features the Boilerplate includes:
• Modernizr
• jQuery (hot-links to a Google-hosted file for performance, with a local fallback)
• Optimized code for including Google Analytics
• Conditional comments to allow for Internet Explorer-specific styling
• CSS reset, printer-friendly styles
• Google-friendly robots.txt file
• .htaccess file jam-packed with site-optimization goodness
We highly recommend using HTML5 Boilerplate as a starting point for all of your HTML5
applications. As the creators of the Boilerplate point out, it's Delete-key friendly, so if you
don't want to include anything that comes as part of the Boilerplate, you can remove it.
The latest version of the project also supports custom builds, allowing you to include only
those parts that you really need. For further information and to download the HTML5 Boil-
erplate, visit the project's website at .
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