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Table G.1. Browsers and their development versions
Development Versions
• Chrome Beta: (can't be in-
stalled side by side with stable or dev versions)
• Chrome Dev: (can't be installed side by side with stable
or beta versions)
• Chrome Canary: (can be installed
side by side with stable, beta, or dev versions)
• Firefox Beta:
• Firefox Aurora:
• Firefox Nightly:
Internet Explorer has a much slower release cycle than the other major browsers, so there
isn't a regular snapshot available. Check for information
on any beta versions or release candidates available.
Opera: Beta and alpha versions are called Opera Next; get them here: ht-
tp:// Whether a particular Opera Next release is a beta or
an alpha depends on how close to the next release they're getting; closer to release and
they'll be betas.
Safari: There are no beta releases of Safari as such, but you can download a nightly ver-
sion of the WebKit rendering engine that powers Safari and use it within your existing Sa-
fari install:
The different browsers' development versions each use their own terminology. Table G.2
will help you to understand what to expect from each version.
Table G.2. Development version terminology
Beta/Release Candidate
Mostly stable and approaching release, updated once every week or two
Not guaranteed to be stable, updated once a week or more
Cutting edge and unstable, updated every night
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