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Figure F.1. A simple channel-messaging example, such as the one you'll build in chapter 4 ' s listings 4.5 and 4.6
You can build the example by following these five steps:
• Step 1: Install a local development web server.
• Step 2: Set up a cross-domain test environment.
• Step 3: Create the example pages.
• Step 4: Add JavaScript to the first page.
• Step 5: Add JavaScript to the second page.
Step 1: Install a local development web server
You'll need to be able to serve web pages from your local machine. In other words, you
need to have a web server. If you already have one, please skip ahead; otherwise, follow
along, and we'll review some easy options:
Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express comes with a built-in web server.
You can easily create a web application project and place the files you create in
the next section within it. See the download pages at for
further details.
Go into System Preferences > Sharing, and check the Web Sharing box. The
default folder is /Library/WebServer/Documents/.
Most Linux distributions come with Python already installed, and Python in-
cludes the SimpleHTTPServer module. To start it, open a command prompt
and set the current directory to the one containing your files; then issue the
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