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Then point your web browser to http://localhost/~user/test.php (where user is replaced by
your username). The resulting web page should look like figure C.18 .
Figure C.18. If the PHP info page shows up, Apache is configured and running properly.
C.3.2. Installing MySQL on Mac OS X
The easiest way to get MySQL up and running on your Mac is as follows:
1 . Go to the MySQL website and download the latest version of MySQL community
edition ( ) . If you're running Mountain Lion
(which is a 64-bit OS), then the appropriate version to download is the X86, 64-bit
version of MySQL in DMG format. Once the disk image is downloaded, open it and
right-click the MySQL installer package and select Open. This will install MySQL in-
to your /usr/local/ directory. For convenience, right-click the MySQL.prefPane item
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