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Figure 1.6. Google reads microdata from HTML documents to provide improved search results to users. By
using microdata in your pages, you enable Google to provide similar search result listings for your website or
To use microdata, you need a vocabulary, which defines the semantics you'll use. You can
define your own vocabularies, but more likely you'll want to use a published vocabulary,
such as those provided by Google at , including Event, Organiz-
ation, Person, Product, Review, Review-aggregate, Breadcrumb, Offer, and AggregateOf-
fer. By using a published vocabulary, you can be sure search engines and other applications
will interpret your microdata consistently.
Listing 1.5 illustrates microdata in action using an event item that adheres to Google's
Event microdata vocabulary at . This code creates a snip-
pet of HTML code for an event, with defined microdata properties that will allow a search
engine to unambiguously interpret the event information and use it to enhance search res-
ults, perhaps by showing the event date in a calendar or as a location on a map.
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