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One other feature you should notice on the download page is that the Windows binaries
are available in Thread Safe and Non Thread Safe varieties. The difference is only relevant
if you want to integrate PHP with Apache; for installing PHP with IIS, you want the Non
Thread Safe version, so download that now.
After clicking the link, you should have a file called php-5.3.16-nts-Win32-VC9-x86.msi
(or a similar name with a larger version number) to use in the next step.
C.1.3. Installing PHP
Now that you have the installation files downloaded you're ready to install PHP by follow-
ing these steps:
1 . The MSI file you downloaded in C.1.2 will do most of the work for you. There
are only two steps, which we'll walk you through, where you have to make decisions.
Double-click the file to start, and accept the license agreement and the default file loc-
2 . For IIS configuration, select the option IIS FastCGI, which appears in the first de-
cision screen, as shown in figure C.3 . Note that this is why we had you take special
care to select the CGI option earlier.
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