HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
er example is CSS3; its evolved stylesheets allow you to apply the latest innovations in
styling and effects—without relying on external images and JavaScript hacks.
In this section, you'll learn
• How to use microdata and microdata vocabularies to provide search engines with
better information about your pages.
• The microdata DOM API that lets you dynamically retrieve and modify microdata
items using JavaScript.
• Several of the new features in CSS3 that allow you to enhance the visual appeal of
your applications while providing better user interactions and feedback.
• How HTML5 treats JavaScript as a first-class citizen with detailed specifications
and advanced APIs.
To begin, let's look at microdata.
1.2.1. Microdata
Microdata in HTML5 allows you to add semantic information to a web page, which in turn
could be used by applications such as search engines and web browsers to provide addition-
al functionality to the user based on that data. An example of how Google uses microdata
to provide smart search results is illustrated in figure 1.6 .
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