HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
2 . Ensure that the options for IIS, World Wide Web Services, and, under the Applica-
tion Development Features section, CGI are all selected. Selecting IIS will automatic-
ally select World Wide Web Services but not the CGI feature. Make sure you expand
the tree and select the CGI feature explicitly.
3 . After you make all your changes, click OK. There will be a short delay while the
new features are installed.
C.1.2. Downloading PHP
PHP installers for Windows are available from ; look for
the links that say “Installer.” To follow along with us, use the latest 5.3 version (5.3.16 at
the time of writing, see figureC.2 ), which has an Installer option. The installer will do a lot
of automatic setup for you, so it's the better option even if it's not the most recent version
on the page.
Figure C.2. The download page at; use the latest 5.3 version to follow along as you read.
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