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Appendix C. Installing PHP and MySQL
To make the SSE Chat application from chapter 4 work, you'll need to set up a web server
with PHP and MySQL. This combination is available free from various online providers,
but setting up your own local install will allow you to experiment more freely. In this ap-
pendix we'll walk you through setting up PHP and then MySQL on Windows 7 and Mac OS
X Mountain Lion.
C.1. Installing PHP on Windows 7
In this section you're going to download and install PHP and get it working with Windows's
built-in web server component, Internet Information Services (IIS).
C.1.1. Configuring Windows 7 IIS
IIS is not installed by default in Windows 7 but can be added through the Control Panel op-
tion Turn Windows Features On and Off. Follow three steps to install IIS:
1 . Open Control Panel and use the search feature to locate the Turn Windows Features
On and Off option. Double-click it, and you'll see a dialog box like the one shown in
figure C.1 .
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