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Table B.28. IDBRequest interface
The event handler attribute for the success event.
Table B.29 shows the method of the IDBKeyRange object used to search for keys within
the index created for the My Tasks database. The IDBKeyRange interface defines a range
of keys.
Table B.29. IDBKeyRange interface
Creates and returns a key range with upper and lower bounds. If optional parameter
lowerOpen is false (the default value), then the range includes the lower bound of the key
range. If optional parameter upperOpen is false (the default value), then the range in-
cludes the upper bound value of the key range.
bound(lower, upper, [lower-
Open], [upperOpen])
B.3. File System API
The File System API is massive; it will change how people think about managing web ap-
plication data. In this section, we cover directory-based APIs within the File System API,
as well as Blob data APIs. The following tables will give you some references and short-
cuts for better managing your file data.
Table B.30 lists attributes associated with a File object.
Table B.30. File API
The name of the file
The size of the file in bytes
The MIME type of the file
Table B.31 lists attributes and methods associated with the FileList object. A File-
List object is returned by the files property of the HTML <input> element.
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