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Table B.19. Position object
A Coordinates object including the geographic coordinates of the user's location and the
estimated accuracy. Further details are shown in table B.20 .
timestamp The time when the user's position was acquired.
Table B.20. Coordinates object
Geographic latitude coordinate, in degrees
Geographic longitude coordinate, in degrees
The height, in meters, above (approximately) sea level
The accuracy of the latitude and longitude values, in meters
The accuracy of the altitude value, in meters
The direction the device is traveling in, specified in degrees
The device's current velocity in meters per second
coords , an attribute of the position object, lists the device's coordinates, the estimated
accuracy of those coordinates, the device's direction of travel, and its speed.
B.2.2. IndexedDB specification
IndexedDB is a very large specification, approximately 105 printed pages, so there's not
room in this appendix to discuss every single attribute, method, and the like. Instead, this
section lists only the most important components used in this topic. These components
have been grouped under their respective IndexedDB interfaces, and presented in a table
format. Summaries for each component have been prepared by Joe Lennon and Greg Wan-
ish and are derived from IndexedDB content ( ) by Mozilla contributors
at the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) and used under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA
( ). These tables of IndexedDB interfaces are
licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA (
2.5/ ) by Joe Lennon and Greg Wanish. See for a more complete ex-
planation of the IndexedDB specification.
The object window.indexedDB implements the IDBFactory interface and enables
applications to create, access, and delete an indexed database. Table B.21 lists the methods
and attributes for the asynchronous version of the IDBFactory interface. The asynchron-
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