HTML and CSS Reference
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Appendix B. HTML5 API reference
In this appendix, you'll find numerous references that give you a quick overview of various
HTML5 and related APIs. We've compiled lists of methods, attributes, and events that
should make it easy for you to look up how to use API information when you need it.
The material is broken down into three sections:
• The HTML5 APIs
• Other APIs and specifications, which cover Geolocation and IndexedDB
• The File System API
We begin with the HTML5 APIs.
In this section, we cover what you need to know for the
• Constraint Validation API
• API for offline web applications
• Editing API
• Drag and Drop API
• Microdata API
• APIs for Web Storage
• Media Element API
B.1.1. Constraint Validation API
The Constraint Validation API defines a series of new attributes and methods, outlined in
table B.1 , that you can use to detect and modify the validity of a given form element.
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