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Boot up the completed application in your browser, and everything should work correctly.
You did it! You created a real 3D game—a basic WebGL engine—and learned foundational
3D programming concepts at the same time. With these tools, you can start using WebGL
in your JavaScript projects immediately to create logos, illustrations, and more—especially
with robust 3D libraries like three.js.
9.4. Summary
The words 3D application evoke thoughts of video games and animation that illuminate
the mind's eye. Even though you can use WebGL for entertainment purposes, this function
makes up a small percentage of what you can do. Some authors have created 3D simula-
tions for various scenarios, such as walking through architecture and operating vehicles.
Uses for 3D in-browser can also transcend Canvas's 2D space limitations. For instance,
Bjork's website ( uses 2D shapes in a 3D environment for an amazing effect
(shown in figure 9.14 ) .
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