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Your method in gd.core.animate() that fires requestAnimationFrame()
stops running when a user leaves a tab open in the background, unlike JavaScript's tra-
ditional timers setInterval() and setTimeout() , which keep on running. This
means coupling animation with traditional timers is generally not a good idea, because tra-
ditional timers keep on running in the background. There used to be polyfills that relied
on a frame counter in the draw() loop, but some implementations of requestAnim-
ationFrame() still update a frame after a couple seconds when a user navigates away
from a tab. The most bulletproof way to use traditional and nontraditional timers is to build
a custom timer script that checks elapsed time and fires in your draw loop. But this sub-
ject is complicated, and we don't have the time to cover it here. Instead, we've given the
polygonGen object a limit to how many enemies it can spawn for a quick patch.
Step 1: Create a 3D cube particle
Create a new gd.template.Cube entity below PolygonGen with this listing.
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