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Armed with bullets, you should be able to run the game and fly your ship around. Try it out
if you'd like. You'll notice that once you fire a bullet, the game fails because you haven't
yet created the enemy assets. Let's create those targets next.
9.3.3. Creating 3D shapes and particles
Enemies in Geometry Destroyer are complex and robust because of their dynamic color
and spawning points. As you can see in figure9.13 , they explode on contact, shattering into
cubes and rectangle particles to create an interesting effect.
Figure 9.13. Enemies in the game have three major components. First is the large shape shown on the far left.
When destroyed, it spawns the next two components: cubes (middle) and particles (far right).
Let's get started with the second group of tasks:
• Group 2—Outputting enemies
◦ Step 1: Create a 3D polygon enemy.
◦ Step 2: Create a complex 3D model.
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