HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 9.5. If you load up index.html and take a look at your console, it will display no errors or that run.js is
missing. Know that if you've created a run.js file already, it won't fire the shown error.
Now that your engine's mechanics are set up, you need to complete it by sending your ob-
ject's 3D data to a user's graphics card, then displaying the returned information.
9.2. Communicating with a graphics card
While a war rages on to establish online standards, so does another for computer graphics.
OpenGL and Direct X are two heavily competing graphics API libraries for 3D applica-
tions. Although the two have many differences between them, you mainly need to know
that OpenGL is open source and Direct X is proprietary. Because of OpenGL's open source
nature, support for its internet baby, WebGL, has grown significantly.
We're deeply indebted to Mozilla's WebGL tutorials (
bGL ) and Learning WebGL's lessons ( ) for the code you'll be us-
ing in this section. Thanks, Mozilla and WebGL!
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