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9.1. Building a WebGL engine
Even though using a prebuilt engine can save a lot of time, it may cause problems if it
doesn't support the functionality you need. We recommend rolling your own engine for
JavaScript applications when time permits . You'll not only learn how to be a better pro-
grammer, you'll also create reusable code for future projects.
In this section, you'll learn the following reusable WebGL concepts:
• How to structure an engine that creates visual output
• How to create simple JavaScript inheritance with John Resig's script
• Where to get and how to use assets that make writing WebGL faster
• Methods for handling collisions, deletion, and other entity-management-related
For example, the techniques you'll learn building Geometry Destroyer ( figure 9.2 ) in this
chapter will be transferable to other visual APIs such as Canvas and SVG.
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