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Listing 8.12. index.html—Handler function for the control menu
Code check!
You've now restored basic functionality to your video player. The working code to this
point in the chapter is in the file index-5.html in the code download, so you can compare
what you've written. For extra credit, consider how you might use .currentTime and
.duration in concert with a <meter> element (see section 2.3.3) to reproduce the
seek bar. Otherwise, move on to the next section, where you'll explore the effects you can
achieve now that playback is occurring through a <canvas> element.
8.4.3. Manipulating video as it's playing
The point of playing the video through the <canvas> element wasn't to merely replicate
the behavior you get for free with the <video> element but to process the video output.
In this section you'll learn basic techniques for processing the video, ending up with
something that looks like figure 8.8 . You'll use these same techniques in later sections to
build the telestrator.
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