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To make the buttons functional, you'll have to learn about a few more properties and meth-
ods on the HTMLMediaElement interface. A summary of these methods is shown in table
8.6 .
Table 8.6. More HTMLMediaElement interface methods
Read/write the current position (in seconds) of the playback
The length of the media in seconds
The speed, expressed as a multiple of the standard playback speed of the media
The rate at which the media is currently playing back as a positive multiple of the stand-
ard playback speed of the media (less than 1 is slower; greater than 1 is faster)
Pauses the currently playing media
With these properties and methods you have enough information to implement the five but-
tons. In the $(document).ready function you added in listing8.10 , you'll need to bind
a handler to the menu, like the one shown next. It can be added anywhere in that function
as long as it's after the declaration for the v variable. If you're not sure, add it at the end.
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