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Fortunately this bug is fixed in IE10. Because of this, and to avoid the code complexity
getting in the way of learning about the APIs, not to mention that this approach will create
new issues in other browsers (which will require further workarounds), the rest of the code
in this chapter will ignore this issue. If you're using IE9, then please check the code down-
load files for versions that have been fixed to work in IE9 (they have IE9 in the filename).
You now have a working video jukebox, but you probably still have questions:
• What are these different video formats such as .mp4 and .webm?
• How many different formats do I need to provide to support all browsers?
• If I don't have a particular video in a certain format, how can I convert between
We'll discuss changing video formats in the next section. Before we do, we want to
answer the first two questions by looking at which browsers support which video and audio
formats; table 8.5 summarizes this information.
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