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Because all of your video files are consistently named, you can remove the file extension
for all of the <li> elements in the playlist (do this now). Instead of getting the complete
filename from the <li> elements, the change_video method can copy the file exten-
sion from the .currentSrc property and use that to compose the filename of the selec-
ted video. The following listing shows the updated change_video function, which used
this approach; use it to replace the existing one in your file.
Listing 8.8. index.html—Using currentSrc to determine the video type
A workaround for IE9's currentSrc bug
The code in listing 8.8 is straightforward, but you may find that it doesn't work properly
in IE9. The problem is a bug in IE9: Once a <source> element is added, it immediately
takes priority over the src attribute and the currentSrc property of the <video> ele-
ment. This means that if you run the app in IE9, then instead of selecting a new video when
you click the playlist, you'll see the first video repeated.
Another limitation of IE9 is that updating <source> elements with JavaScript has no ef-
fect. If you want to update the playing video in IE9 when you've used <source> ele-
ments, then the only workable solution is to replace the entire <video> element. The fol-
lowing snippet shows just such an approach:
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