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Figure 7.12. SVG allows you to interact with elements in real time. Because of this, you can use Firebug for
debugging and coding help. Looking at the screenshot of the UFO flock, you can see that Firebug is highlighting
the UFO in the third row and third column.
One of the most frustrating problems with Canvas is the poor quality of text rendering. It's
so bad many developers have resorted to creating old-school text glyphs (prerendered im-
ages of text) and writing custom scripts to parse them with Canvas. SVG's text is crystal
clear, making it the obvious choice for text-heavy applications.
The current state of SVG
SVG 1.1 has its flaws, but the group that created it is working on SVG 2 to fix those. For
mobile devices, SVG Tiny 1.2 is in production. Although you won't yet find good support
for SVG on mobile devices, it's coming along. For official updates on the state of SVG, see
the W3C page at .
When you want to create a circle in Canvas, you need to create a path and add a series of
declarations. SVG gives you the ability to declare a <circle> and other complex shapes
with a single HTML element instead of creating them in JavaScript with multiple points.
This makes for quick and simple creation of complex shapes.
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