HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
After suppressing any errors, you should be able to move your players around via keyboard
and mouse. Make sure if you fiddle with any code to reset it to the previous listings, as
mentioned before.
Now that the player's ship is set up and your input bindings are complete, it's time to work
through the steps in group 2, in which you'll start programming objects that are a bit com-
plex. These objects will require more logic, because they're more dependent on data in
their surrounding environment.
7.3.3. Creating and organizing complex shapes
In group 2 you'll create a couple of objects that require abstract logic for movement and
• Group 2: Complex objects and overlap
◦ Step 1: Create shields for defense.
◦ Step 2: Construct lasers.
◦ Step 3: Integrate laser collision detection.
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