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Your big UFO ship object wasn't too difficult to create. Let's tackle the player's ship next,
because it follows similar mechanics but adds an input monitor and SVG path.
Step 4: Create the player's ship
Because you created a path for a player's green ship with the Welcome screen, you can re-
use that code. Path d attributes have x and y coordinates built in, so you'll need to separate
the x/y coordinates and path data into two separate parameters. By doing so, you can dy-
namically generate an x/y position for the ship's graphic. Create the player's ship with the
following listing.
Listing 7.11. game.js—Player ship setup
Step 5: Make the player respond to keyboard input
In addition to the previous listing, you'll need an update() method to add values for
monitoring keyboard input. Using a mouse will also be available, but it's stored inside a
Ctrl object that you'll create. First, finish your Ship object with the code in the next list-
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