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Listing 7.5. index.html—Using XLink
Using paths for advanced shapes
You probably noticed that the previous listing's <path> used a series of letters and num-
bers to indicate particular directions. For an explanation of the different movement com-
mands, see table 7.3 .
Table 7.3. Capital letters indicate measurements relative to the SVG element; lowercase letters indicate
measurements relative to previous x and y coordinates.
Path drawing commands
M or m
Move path to specific x and y point without drawing
H or h
Draw path horizontally to x
V or v
Draw path vertically to y
L or l
Draw path to a specific x and y point
Using a capital letter to declare a location, such as V , indicates the measurement is relative
to the <svg> tag's position in your HTML document. Using a lowercase letter, such as v ,
indicates it's relative to any previously declared x and y coordinates.
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