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Figure 7.1. Effects of zooming into a vector versus a bitmap image. Our evil coffee cup demonstrates that vector is
the clear winner. But great zoomability comes with great issues when you're creating complex graphics.
Another advantage is that you can write SVG directly into an HTML document without a
file reference. It also requires less code to create graphics, resulting in faster page loads.
You've probably worked with an .ai, .eps, or .svg vector file for a website's logo. Vector
images are composed of mathematical equations with plotted points, Bezier curves, and
shapes. Because of their mathematical nature, these images don't suffer from resizing lim-
itations, also shown in figure 7.1 .
Wilson, the resizable smiley
To help you see how a vector graphic works, we've created a simple smiley face known as
Wilson with SVG's XML tags, as shown in figure 7.2 .
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