HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 6.11. Code libraries like ImpactJS allow you to create complex games in significantly less time than coding
a game from scratch.
Want to convert HTML5 games into mobile apps?
HTML5 apps should be written once and work on all devices, but it's no secret that mobile
devices aren't there yet. If you want to turn your HTML5 games into mobile applications
for Android, iOS, and other systems, check out and They
offer powerful conversion tools that give you access to all major mobile devices. We'd
love to walk you through creating a mobile app from Canvas Ricochet, but it's complicated
enough that entire topic are available on the subject.
6.5. Summary
Canvas isn't limited to a small box for video games; it's useful for a multitude of purposes
and works well for websites. Thinking out of the box, you can create interactive back-
grounds, image-editing tools, and more. For instance, you could make a footer in which
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