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Figure 6.2. “3 Dreams of Black” is an interactive music video created exclusively for Google Chrome. You can
experience Chris Milk's masterpiece at and download the source code!
Canvas: a product of Apple's iOS
Canvas isn't the W3C's brainchild for HTML5. It originally came in 2004 as part of the
Mac OS X WebKit by Apple. Two years later, Gecko and Opera browsers adopted it. Pop-
ularity since then has significantly grown, and Canvas is now an official HTML5 API.
Because 2D is great for programming simple games, we'll teach you how to use Canvas as
we guide you through building Canvas Ricochet with the 2D Canvas context, JavaScript,
and HTML. As you'll soon see, a majority of the creation process involves accessing a
set of drawing tools via JavaScript, so you can send an object to the CanvasRender-
ingContext2D interface object. Although CanvasRenderingContext2D interface
object sounds long and fancy, it really means accessing Canvas to draw. Each newly drawn
piece sits on top of any previous drawings.
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