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where everything is flat. Figure6.1 features a robust drawing application known as Sketch-
pad, which utilizes Canvas's built-in drawing tools. We'll have you set the context for this
chapter's game right after we explain more about what it does.
Figure 6.1. Sketchpad ( ) is a robust drawing application that features gradients,
textures, swatches, shape creation, and more. You'll be using a lot of these drawing features during your game's
creation process.
An alternative to the 2D context is a set of 3D drawing tools. Although 3D context allows
for advanced applications, not all browsers support it. With 3D graphics and JavaScript,
you can create interactive 3D applications such as the music video shown in figure 6.2
(more about 3D when we get to WebGL in chapter 9 ) .
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