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Part 3. Interactive graphics, media, and gaming
Interactive media APIs such as Canvas, SVG, Video, and WebGL are making graphics cre-
ation, media players, and games available without plugins. You've probably used these tech-
nologies with YouTube's HTML5 video player and/or Google Maps WebGL version. Some
companies such as Ludei (CocoonJS) and Goo Technologies (Goo Engine) are investing in
such tech for game engines. Once you've completed this section, you'll be fully equipped to
start rolling your own interactive applications without plugins.
How do HTML5's interactive media APIs stand up to RIA (Rich Internet Application) plu-
gins such as Flash, Unity, and Silverlight? These systems are much more mature, but they're
limited in mobile distribution by requiring a native app or some form of conversion. You
can write a game in HTML5, for example, and it magically becomes accessible in-browser
on mobile and desktop. (Please note that this is ideal and not quite how it works yet.) There
are many limitations on mobile for HTML5 APIs and you should check for
more details. Some people argue that RIAs provide advanced encryption security over web
apps and they're right. On the other hand, demand is rapidly increasing for non-plugin-based
How important are the interactive media APIs? To front-end and some mobile developers
they're becoming vital tools. Many companies are hiring specifically for HTML5 specialists
in Canvas. One of us worked at a shop where they moved most of their Flash work to Canvas
development. In fact they're still hiring more Canvas developers because they can't supply
all of the requests they get from clients. What we're trying to say is, these skills will make
you more in demand and increase your long-term value.
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