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At this point, you should be able to add tasks to the database using the Add Task form.
When the task has been saved, you are taken back to the Task List view, which should dis-
play the task you just created. Feel free to try it now—add some tasks. Also, be sure to try
out the Search form, because this should now be fully functional. The application is start-
ing to take shape, but you still have a small number of features to add before it's complete.
Next, you'll write code to allow users to update and delete existing tasks.
5.3.6. Updating and deleting data from an IndexedDB database
The IndexedDB database has a relatively simple procedure for changing existing data ob-
jects in the object store. First, the application needs to define the database transaction about
to occur, and then the application uses the transaction to write a data object to the speci-
fied object store.
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