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value from localStorage . Because the application needs to reset all settings and data
in the application, you won't use removeItem . Instead, you'll want the second method,
clear , which removes all items from localStorage .
Step 3: Clear all settings and data from localStorage
You'll need a function, resetSettings , to erase all the settings data in the application.
Before resetSettings erases the data, you should ask the user to confirm this action.
After erasing the data, load the default user settings into the application and change the
location.hash to #list , the Task List view.
Add the following code immediately after the code from the previous listing.
Listing 5.7. app.js—Clearing data from localStorage
At this point, all of the functions for interacting with localStorage have been created,
and all that's left is to connect the UI to these functions.
Step 4: Connect the UI to the localStorage functions
The final piece of the puzzle for our sample application is to add event handlers to the Set-
tings view so that data is saved and reset when the buttons are pressed. Aside from connect-
ing the storage methods to the buttons, you'll need to call loadSettings so that data
is read from localStorage each time the application page loads. The code you need to
add (again, add it below the code from the previous listing) is in the following listing.
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