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Let's get started by taking a closer look at the sample application.
5.1. My Tasks: application overview, prerequisites, and first steps
My Tasks is a simple task management application for mobile devices. All data will be
stored on the client side, and the application will be fully functional offline. In building it,
you'll take advantage of the following HTML5 features:
Storage —Allows the app to save small amounts of data to the user's local storage.
My Tasks will use this feature to store user settings like name and preferred color
Indexed database (aka IndexedDB) —Enables the application to create a database
of key/value records. My Tasks will use IndexedDB to store task data, allowing
users to easily view, add, update, and delete task items. The application will use
the now-defunct Web SQL to provide a fallback for devices that don't yet support
Application cache manifest —Enables the application to be used offline. The
cache manifest ensures that the user's browser keeps a copy of needed files for off-
line use. Upon reconnection to the web, the browser can look for updates and allow
the user to reload the application and apply the updates.
As you can see in figure 5.1 , the application is split into three distinct views—Task List,
Add Task, and Settings.
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