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4.2.3. Building the planner application
Now that you've confirmed that WebSockets are functioning both in Node and in your
browser, and you know how to implement the WebSocket API in the client and how to set
up Node.js to service those WebSockets, you're ready to build a real application that takes
advantage of all of these features.
The steps you'll follow to build the planner application are these:
• Step 1: Create a template page.
• Step 2: Build multipurpose business logic in JavaScript to create and update plans.
• Step 3: Handle updates in the browser.
• Step 4: Handle updates on the server.
Step 1: Create a template page
The markup for the application page, index.html as normal, is shown in the following list-
ing, though most of the interesting things in this application will be in the linked JavaScript
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