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The WebSockets Protocol, which describes what browser vendors and servers must im-
plement behind the scenes, is used at the network layer to establish and maintain socket
connections and pass data through them. The WebSockets API describes the interface that
needs to be available in the DOM so that WebSockets can be used from JavaScript. Ap-
pendix D more fully describes the protocol and API, so if you'd like more information
before you build the next piece of this chapter's sample application—an agile planning
board—detour to section D.6 , “Understanding the WebSockets Protocol,” now.
When you return, we'll give you an overview of the application you're going to build
and help you get your prerequisites in order, have you create and test a WebSocket with
Node.js, and build the planner application.
4.2.1. Application overview and prerequisites
In section 4.1 you built a simple chat system based on SSE. In this section you'll use We-
bSockets and Node.js to build an agile planning board which is intended to be a simple way
to group tasks according to their status so that progress on the overall project can be dis-
cerned at a glance. Tasks, originally represented by sticky notes on a notice board ( figure
4.5 ) , are slotted into three or more simple categories such as to do, in progress, and done.
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