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As we discuss how to build an SSE chat application, we'll focus on the front-end code,
because we're not trying to teach PHP or MySQL. That said, the easiest way forward is to
download the server files, listed in the “ Chat application prerequisites ” sidebar.
Chat application prerequisites
You'll need the following programs to make the application in this section work:
A web server that can host PHP —We used Apache ( ) for the
example, but IIS on Windows also should work.
PHP —Download from with PDO support.
MySQL —Download from .
jQuery —Download from (included in code download).
The other files you need are available in the code download section of our book's website.
If you don't want to do the setup yourself, you can also get all the needed components as
part of most inexpensive web-hosting packages.
Figure 4.1 shows a screenshot of the finished application.
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