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• Step 6: Import existing files from the user's computer.
• Step 7: Implement the Save and Preview buttons.
3.3.1. Creating an application filesystem
Using the File System and Quota Management APIs, the process of creating the first part
of the filesystem, the base persistent filesystem, becomes relatively straightforward and is
accomplished in a single listing, listing 3.9 . To help you navigate the code, look out for the
following implementation process within the code:
• Assign a filesystem object to the window fileSystem field.
• Assign a storage and quota management object to the window storageInfo
• Set the filesystem as persistent.
• Request a quota from the local storage system.
Step 1: Create a persistent filesystem
With the process in mind, review the following listing to see the detailed implementation.
Then add the code after the call to addEventListener('click', richText-Ac-
tion, false) .
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