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When Google Maps returns the selected map, your application will paste the map into the
visual editor using the execCommand 's insertImage function.
Geolocation API
Before you dive in, we want you to know that although this sample application doesn't ex-
plore all of the features of geolocation, it does show you how simple it is to acquire a user's
position and integrate it with a mapping service. If you're looking to build a more dynamic
mapping app, you'll be glad to know that the Geolocation API can also support features
• Tracking user movement over set time intervals
• Obtaining the user's altitude, heading, and speed
• Limiting GPS use when battery life is a concern
To find out more about these geolocation features, see appendix B .
Step 3: Use geolocation to insert a map of the user's location
To implement geolocation in your application, in the app.js file locate the if block that
checks whether the command is createLink , insertImage , or something else. Add
the following code before the last else and after the } .
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