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• The second argument, showUI , is a bool. showUI determines whether the user
will see the default UI associated with command . (Some commands don't have a
• The third argument, value , is a string. execCommand will invoke command
with value as its argument.
The number of required arguments for an execCommand depends on the command passed
to the first argument. See appendix B or
ing.html for a list of argument specifications for each formatting and editing command.
Step 2: Implement the rich-text editing toolbar in the visual editor
To use execCommand , the application will use a click event handler to pass the func-
tion name of a pressed toolbar button to execCommand 's command argument. This func-
tion name will be retrieved from the button's data-command attribute. Add the code
from the following listing to app.js, directly after the code you added in the previous sec-
Listing 3.7. app.js-Implementing the rich-text editing toolbar in the visual editor
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