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Step 2: Add markup for the File Browser view
The File Browser view is split into two zones. The first zone contains two forms:
• A form for creating an empty file
• A form for importing a file from the user's computer
The second zone includes a list of files that the user has created or imported. To build these
zones you'll use the <details> and <summary> elements , both of which are new in
HTML5. The <details> element allows you to create a collapsible section in your code,
which would previously have only been possible using a combination of JavaScript and
CSS. Adding a <summary> element within <details> will put a label on the expanded
<details> content. Add the code from the next listing to the index.html file, inside the
<section> element with the ID attribute value list .
Listing 3.2. index.html-File Browser view markup
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