HTML and CSS Reference
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This chapter covers
• Rich-text HTML editing
• Location awareness with geolocation
• Working with files in a local filesystem
• Implementing drag and drop
The web is no longer merely a set of interconnected documents that people use to find in-
formation; it's also an application platform that allows developers to build web apps that
anyone with a computer and browser can use. In HTML5, new standardized JavaScript
APIs enable web apps to present an application interface similar to current desktop apps.
Features such as rich-text editing, drag/drop interactions, local file management, and geo-
location are now possible.
This chapter teaches you how to use all of these new features and APIs by walking you
through the build of the Super HTML5 Editor, an HTML editor application that runs en-
tirely on the client side, with no server-side requirements. The application allows users to
manipulate HTML documents using one of two editor modes:
• A visual WYSIWYG editor for formatting text, inserting hyperlinks, adding im-
ages, and inserting maps
• An HTML markup editor for changing, adding, and deleting markup elements,
useful when you need formatting or a layout feature not supported in the visual ed-
Why build the Super HTML5 Editor?
While working through this chapter's sample application, you'll learn to use the following:
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