HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 1: Introduction to HTML
Hypertext Markup Language, more commonly known as HTML, is the language of the
World Wide Web (WWW). Knowing HTML is one of the core skills of any web designer
and therefore should be one of the first things to master.
In this topic, we will learn everything we need to know about HTML, from understanding
HTML documents to writing fully HTML5-compliant web pages. First, we will focus on
the basics of HTML syntax, tags and attributes, and learn the process of structuring docu-
ments. Next, we will study the most common HTML elements that make up the bulk of the
language such as paragraphs, headings, lists and tables. Finally, we will look at the HTML5
sectioning elements designed to create more meaningful documents, which will in turn help
us create pages with greater semantic meaning.
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