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Image 15. Link Example
The text between the opening and closing tags of the <a> element is also known as a label,
the part the visitor sees and clicks to reach the destination. This text in itself is very im-
portant since search engines index it in a special way and pay special attention to the actu-
al content of the link. Hence it is advisable to use descriptive text (ex. Products, Register,
About) instead of vague words such as “click here,” “more,” or “this link.”
Two additional attributes that extend the functionality of the <a> element can be very help-
ful when it comes to links:
Target - The target attribute specifies where we want to open the linked docu-
ment. The most common value we use for the target attribute is _blank, when
we want the link to open in a new tab/browser window, instead of the current
window (ex. <a href="sample_cv.html" target="_blank").
Download - The download attribute specifies that the target will be down-
loaded when a user clicks on the hyperlink instead of displayed in the web
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