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HTML allows three different kinds of lists. Two of the list types, ordered and unordered, are
commonly used in everyday writing, while the third type, definition list, is not so common.
Ordered lists are meant to present items in a sequential order when the order of
the items is important. A sequential number or letter precedes each item.
Unordered lists, commonly referred to as a bullet point lists, are the most fre-
quently used lists on the web. They itemize things without implying a sequence,
so a bullet precedes each item.
Description lists display terms that need to be followed by a definition or a de-
scription. As they are meant to hold glossary items (ex. a dictionary), and no
symbols are needed to precede them.
Ordered Lists
The ordered list is perfect for explaining step-by-step instructions to complete a particular
task. To create an ordered list, we use the <ol> element. As this element defines the list as
a whole, every subsequent item on the list has to be defined with the <li> element, with all
<li> elements contained within the <ol> element.
The following example presents a list of top 5 movies of all time.
<li>The Avengers</li>
<li>Harry Potter</li>
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