HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 2: Basic Page Structure
Instead of adding to HTML's complexity, HTML5 strives to make things more intuitive.
Therefore, while there is a definite learning curve with the more advanced concepts, HTML5
is much easier to learn and understand.
HTML documents are essentially simple text files that can be built with any text-editing ap-
plication. You don't need any special software to create webpages. To begin it is sufficient
to use the most basic text editing software you can find. On a Windows machine, this ap-
plication could be Notepad.
1) In Windows, click on Start and choose All Programs > Accessories > Notepad, to
open the plain Notepad text editor.
2) In Notepad's main menu, click on File and choose Save.
3) Select a destination on your computer where you will save your first web page.
By default, you can select the My Documents folder.
4) In the Save As dialog window, type in sampleCV.html as a File Name and choose
All Files from the Save As Type menu in order to save the document as a web page
and not a .txt file.
5) Once all parameters are set, click on the Save button.
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