Hardware Reference
In-Depth Information
such as word processors and web browsers do not use the processor if barely. On the other
hand if you are editing videos, and gaming then these faster more powerful processors will
come in handy.
The Motherboard
The motherboard (MB) connects all of the components used by the computer. The MB
connects everything together and contains your PCs core features. Expansion cards, pro-
cessors, and memory (ram) all goes into the MB the central piece of build a PC. Depending
on how many drives and components you will have will determine on how big your MB
will be. For home and office computers the MB will be that standard size, but an entertain-
ment PC may take more components depending on how much more features you want to
add to your build.
The Case
The case holds all of the computer's internal parts together. The case can be large or small
depending on how large your motherboard will be. Also, you can choose a case that relates
to your style and personality. There are hundreds of cases out there.
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