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How to Build Your Own PC (for Beginners)
Building your own PC (Personal Computer) gives you the freedom to customize everything
to your exact needs, but it can be a long hard task the first time around for beginners. I will
be taking you through simple steps on how to build a computer step by step. I will explain
the buying, building, and installation process on building your own PC.
Anyone can go to the store and buy a computer, but it's a whole different feeling when you
get to customize and build your own from scratch. Whether you are building a home office,
gaming, or video editing PC, it is crafted to your own specifications and needs. You may
save some money building your own PC, but in all actually, you'll have accomplished a
project that you can really benefit for many years. Building a computer is much more time
consuming, but this guide will help you save a lot of time throughout your project.
What type of computer do you want to build?
This is a very important part on your computer build. The type of computer that you want
to build will affect how much it will cost, how fast it will run, and everything in between. I
break down computer types in ways of home, office, and entertainment.
A home computer is simple for web browsing, checking email, and watching videos online.
These computer types does not pull a lot of power and are very quiet which is a huge plus.
Most custom build computers ranges from $250 to $450
An office computer is a good option for small businesses. Small business computers will
need that extra kick in power which will help the computer run smoother in the business
environment. An office PC will be able to run multiple business programs at once, and will
not break the bank. Office computers can vary in price from $300 to $500
An entertainment computer is always going to be very high in performance. This com-
puter will be able to handle multiple programs running at once, and have faster perform-
ance parts, and usually a bigger Monitor (screen). Be ready to spend about $650 and up.
Please take note that most of these price ranges do not include peripherals such as key-
board, mouse, speakers, printer, scanner, and so on.
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