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Step 8: Installing the Power Supply
(PSU In-
After everything is in, you can now install the power supply. If your computer case came
with a PSU then you can skip this step. Install a PSU is easy, you will be able to see where
the PSU lines up in the back of the computer case to be screwed in. If you are having diffi-
culty you can always refer back to the computer case manual. Make sure all of your cables
are connected to all of your drives and possible PCI cards.
Step 9: Plug in Everything (SATA Cable)
This process can be very time consuming, but making sure cord and connection are secure
is vital. You have a 24-pin Motherboard cable on the end of your power supply that should
be connected to the MB. It's easy to find, you can't miss it. Make sure all of your MB con-
nections are configured and connected. You can also verify these connections through the
MB manual.
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