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HTML5 and Ebook Apps
If instead of EPUB, you're interested in making ebook apps, you may want to look into
PhoneGap . PhoneGap allows you to write your application using HTML5, CSS, and
JavaScript, and then deploy as an app for multiple platforms, including Apple iOS,
Android, BlackBerry, and WebOS. In addition to fully supporting HTML5, PhoneGap
has APIs for accessing and controlling many common smartphone features , including
the camera, accelerometer, and compass. PhoneGap makes use of Apple's Xcode in-
frastructure, and thus requires an Intel-based Mac. Check out their Getting Started
guide for detailed information on how to get up and running.
You may also be interested in looking into the Baker ebook framework , a lighter-weight
alternative to PhoneGap designed expressly for the release of interactive ebook content
to Apple IOS devices. For more information, see Baker's tutorial on compiling an ebook
app and releasing to Apple's App Store.
Additional EPUB Resources
If you're interested in learning more about EPUB, here are some additional resources
to check out:
What is EPUB 3? by Matt Garrish
A comprehensive overview of the new EPUB 3 specification and what it offers
IDPF EPUB 3.0 Specification
The official EPUB 3.0 specification. An absolute must-read if you're planning on
creating EPUB 3.0 files
“Build a digital book with EPUB” by Liza Daly
Comprehensive instructions on how to construct an EPUB file. This tutorial is
EPUB 2-specific, but the majority of the content is still applicable under EPUB 3
(consult the 3.0 spec for more information on the Navigation Document , which
replaces the NCX TOC)
“Creating epub files” by Bob Ducharme
Additional discussion on some of the nuances of EPUB creation and validation.
Pay extra attention to the discussion of how to properly zip up your EPUB archives,
which is a bit less straightforward than you might expect.
The definitive tool for validating your EPUB files. A development build of epub-
check for validating EPUB 3.0 documents was recently released
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