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Top 10 First Ladies
1. Martha Washington
Martha established the role of the First Lady imitated by her successors. She was
famous for accompanying George on military campaigns.
2. Dolley Madison
Dolley's social appeal helped her slightly awkward husband tremendously.
3. Sarah Polk
The wife of James K. Polk (1845-9) was a strong force in the administration,
writing speeches for the president.
4. Mary Todd Lincoln
Mary's pleasure at being First Lady was marred by the Civil War and her hus-
band's assassination in 1865.
5. Caroline Harrison
The wife of Benjamin Harrison (1889-93) founded the Daughters of the Amer-
ican Revolution .
6. Grace Coolidge
The wife of Calvin Coolidge (1923-9) had a charm and tact that made her one of
America's best-loved women.
7. Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor's interests were equal rights and social justice. She greatly increased the
diplomatic role of the First Lady.
8. Jacqueline Kennedy
A stylish socialite, Jackie was an instant hit with the public and visiting diplo-
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